No, really, I’d rather be talking to you about a project you want to do, an abstract idea, tax returns… anything else.

Alright you’ve convinced me.

I’m currently based in Brisbane, but I originally hail from the Sunshine Coast. I moved to the big city aged 17 to complete an undergraduate degree in Film, Television and New Media at QUT with distinction. Leading up to my graduation, I was offered a full-time position at VALD Performance as an in-house videographer. My initial project was to provide key creative consultant for the TeleHab Exercise Prescription Platform, for which I helped plan and assembled a team of videographers and editors to host more than 5,000 intuitive exercise how-to videos to pair with the easy-to-use interface.

As the job evolved, I successfully pivoted more towards a marketing role, creating in-house promotional content. In my spare time, I have assisted a number of productions in the lighting department, the element of cinematography where I feel most at home. I’ve worked with cinematographers Lucas Tomoana, Julian Panetta, Ben Cotgrove, Brian Loewe and Kevin Nguyen, and I’ve received guidance from gaffers Jono Voyce, Ben Russell and Steve Monk. Recently, I’ve been moving towards upskilling in the camera department on projects with Mark Desiatov and Linton Vivian.

In 2019, I joined the ACS Queensland committee, and worked as Newsletter Editor that same year. I now operate as Secretary to the branch, as well as continuing to assist the current Newsletter Editor and work as lead for the Video Production team.

In my spare time, my partner and I like to go on adventures with our Pentax 645 (named Gerald), cook new food, and play table tennis. We also really like coffee.